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Haleigh, Martinez, CA

“SMGI® with Alison has been great and I always feel better after. I feel it is helping me on a subconscious level and I have noticed a difference in my energy."

Sanjeev, Palo Alto, CA

"Alison was exceptional as a guide. She is able to fully attune to the journeyer  and respond to them in a way that helps their journey unfold naturally. She is able to help the journeyer tap into their own inner wisdom when what needs to happen next is not clear."

Nicole, San Ramon, CA

"I feel like I've become aware of what needs to be released. The results feel so immediate and they last. I feel lighter, like I am moving, and the strong feelings I used to experience don't feel as big in my body."

Melissa Brunetti, Modesto, CA

"Alison has a gentle spirit that allows you to feel comfortable with her right away. She really listens and shows you that she cares about what you want to get out of the session with her. She is very present and patient with the journey, allowing it reveal itself to you without rush or hurry."

Jean-Pierre Weingarten, Mill Valley, CA

"Alison is enthusiastic about the work, as was shown by her guiding me; she was excited about my discoveries and explorations as I was.

I appreciated how Alison maintained an enthusiasm and supporting me in my journey."

AmyAnna Soto, Modesto, CA

"I'm grateful Alison guided me on a moving journey of self discovery.  Alison was compassionate and understanding to my needs.  She was adept in holding space for me. With her gentle approach, I was able to clear major blocks that hindered my progress. I left the session feeling I was glowing with inner confidence, and like a ton of weight had been lifted off me.  I will return for another session.   Thank you!"

Cassandra, San Diego, California

“Alison did an amazing clearing from my Akashic records! I am a psychic and energy healer and I trust Alison 100% to work on me. She is very honest and heart-centered. Alison took the time to record everything she found and worked on during the session. Many things resonated as they're things that have come up in the past. She also answered all of my questions. I am so grateful for Alison! If you are considering doing an Akashic records reading or clearing with Alison, do it, you won't be disappointed!"
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