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               Akashic Records Reading

Would you like to know more about yourself on a soul level?

The Akashic records are essentially the database of your soul's history (i.e. every lifetime, thought, event that your soul has ever experienced).  

Akashic records readings also work very well in tandem with SMGI® (soul fragmentation is one of the most common things that comes up when I give Akashic readings to people). Akashic readings give valuable insight into your soul's history, including but not limited to past lives, soul contracts, and future timelines. The guidance from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones can help with important decisions that need to be made and issues you are currently dealing with.

  • Akashic readings are a little different than intuitive readings. Psychic readings are intuitive in that information comes from inside of you. Akashic readings are channeled through your guides.
  • You may feel connection when I go into your records. Lots of people describe it as a big dose of unconditional love/a warm hug in the heart chakra. What, how, and why questions work best.
  • Your guides will never give you an answer that infringes on your free will (e.g. “Which country should I move to?”) but they can give you guidance. Please click link below to purchase- all readings are provided via email.

Once you have purchased the reading, please email me with your name, the order number, and three questions at

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