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What are some issues SMGI® has successfully addressed?

  • Phobias

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Nightmares

  • sleep issues

  • Childhood abuse and neglect

  • Pain

  • Addictions

  • Performance improvement

  • Increase happiness levels

  • Increase business revenue

  • Increase income

  • Increase depth of spirituality

  • Feeling stuck, blocked, or immobilized

  • More confidence

  • Smoking cessation

Will you "hypnotize" me?

  • you will have complete control and authority during your session. In simplest terms, hypnosis is really just where the predominant amount of your attention is directed; what you're most immersed in in a given moment. 

  • SMGI® uses simple yet powerful mind-body methods to connect to inner strengths, clear away inner obstacles, and reintegrate disconnected parts of yourself. this work is guided by your own inner wisdom.

How long does it take? ​

  • How many sessions it takes always depends on the individual and the layers needed to be strengthened and cleared so your authentic self can blossom bigger and fuller.

  • This work is most effective when done in sets of 3s (3, 6, 9, etc.) with 6 being the most popular choice. If you are not familiar with this work, I recommend scheduling an initial session, at the end of which you will know if this work is for you, at this time. 

  • It is recommended to meet weekly or every other week, and for those who desire continued support after completing substantial work together, monthly and bi-monthly sessions are available

How does it work? 

  • I will guide you inwards using mind-body methods and help you gather inner resources, clear clutter in your psyche, and reintegrate lost or fragmented parts of yourself that are needed now for you to get what you want

  • Sessions are approximately 90 minutes- 2 hours long

  • The first session is unique, as we spend time going over the subconscious-priming questionnaire, which lays the groundwork for getting the most out of subsequent sessions

  • In subsequent sessions we will do a check-in, then you will be guided inwards to connect to inner resources of support and strength, clear away blockages/obstacles, and retrieve parts of you that you need to accomplish your goals

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