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Alison received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UC Davis and a Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Sage Colleges. She has struggled with depression and anxiety for the majority of her life, and throughout her life has tried many different healing modalities. Many of these were very helpful, but there were still some ongoing issues, such as sleep disturbance, that were not improving. She was introduced to Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® and was blown away by how effective it was at resolving issues she had struggled with for decades in such a short period of time. In addition to this, SMGI® has given her life changing breakthroughs with manifesting and creating the life she wants.

After nearly a decade in the field of ABA, she felt a calling to go in a different direction and decided to get certified in Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery®. She is thrilled to be offering this amazing modality, and is passionate about helping others heal on a soul level and create the life they want to live.

Alison has also taken courses on reading the Akashic Records, and healing and clearing in the Akashic records. additionally, she recently spent several months studying the divine feminine, which included exploring the different feminine archetypes, the heroine's journey, intuition, and the feminine energy -dominant chakras. everything she has learned from these courses has been extremely helpful in her practice.

If you have tried many different healing modalities but still aren’t where you want to be and you want to take your healing to the next level, this work might be for you. Alison would be honored to guide you and assist you in this beautiful process of co-creation. 

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