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Healing at the deepest energetic level.

Over the course of different lifetimes, we can accumulate energetic stagnation in our light grid (which is a term used as a cover all for the 7 layers of the energy body), from things such as past life trauma, ancestral issues, karmic cords, implants, or past life vows. An Akashic records clearing is not about changing, erasing, or eradicating someone's Akashic records, but removing the energetic stagnation that is caused by these events. 

An Akashic clearing is deep energetic work. Clearings can be very effective, and yet, it is important to understand the role you play in this work. A clearing is not a substitute for doing inner work; it is up to you to transmute the energy after the clearing has taken place. This is a great service for anyone who feels like they have truly tried it all, but still feels stagnate. 

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